MAY 22

MAY 22

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 22

James and Pamela are my husband’s children. Shortly after I met my husband, his children came for a visit that lasted for two weeks and then for the summer. For a variety of reasons, their mother never returned for them. I can’t say I was thrilled. I had not wanted children of my own, and raising someone else’s did not appeal to me. The kids weren’t crazy about the idea either.

Carl and I married Christmas day, and shortly after the wedding James and I cleared up the mommy issue once and for all. It was his fourth birthday, and I had taken the children to the grocery store to get a few things for the party. He was talking a mile a minute and said one word that immediately caught my attention. “I called you Mommy,” he giggled. “I’m sorry.” James twisted his mouth a bit.

“You don’t have to be sorry. You have your mother, and she is your mommy. I am whatever you want me to be.”

James was telling me in his own wonderful way that I am not raising someone else’s children—I am raising my children.

Trudy Bowler

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