MAY 23

MAY 23

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May 23

I taught in the same fourth-grade classroom where I was once a student. The first day of school usually brought no surprises, but this year was different.

Danny had moved from Kentucky. His dad was a truck driver, and his mom worked odd jobs to help make ends meet.

In October I put Danny’s name on the mitten and hat list. He was so proud when he received them.

He wasn’t a very good student, but he was a remarkable artist, so I incorporated art projects into the reading curriculum to boost his self-esteem.

When it came time for the Christmas gift exchange, I knew I would need to help with his gift as I had done for other students. The room mothers collected a quarter from each child who could afford it and bought a present for me.

The day of the party was exciting. After everyone left for the day, I went to straighten my desk. I found a folded piece of construction paper. It was a note that said,“To my favorite teacher. I couldn’t afford to get you anything, so I am giving you everything I have. Love, Danny.”

Inside was taped a dime.

Karen Wasmer

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