MAY 24

MAY 24

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 24

When a tornado touched down in a small town nearby, many families were left deva-stated. One Sunday, I taped a picture of a young family to our refrigerator, explaining their plight to my seven-year-old twin boys and to three-year-old Meghan. I brought three large boxes into the living room. I encouraged the boys to go through their toys and donate some of their less favorite things. “I’ll help you find something for the little girl when I’m done with this,” I said to Meghan.

As I filled the third box, Meghan walked up with her much-loved rag doll. “Lucy makes me happy, Mommy. Maybe she’ll make that other little girl happy, too.”

I suddenly realized that anyone can give their castoffs away. True generosity is giving that which you cherish most.

I, who had wanted to teach, had been taught.

Elizabeth Cobb

True generosity is not giving your castoffs,
but giving up the things you cherish most.

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