MAY 26

MAY 26

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May 26

As a novice grandma, I eagerly looked forward to the first time I’d hear, “Mom, can you keep the baby a couple of days?”

The calendar was cleared, crib set up in the guest room, and friends were put on alert that I would be holding open house for the debut of our little princess.

What a joyful experience, that first grandchild. She had added a dimension to life impossible to measure or explain. And all her father’s sins, from colic to wrecking the family car, were forgiven.

The second night, Baby decided to see how quickly Grandma could get to her crib when she called. Grandma hit the floor running each time. She remained happy and content for the rest of our time until five minutes before her parents walked in the front door. They found me, hair stringing, shirttail out, walking the floor and crooning. I never convinced them that Baby hadn’t done that for two days.

But I had passed my maiden grandbaby-sitting test, and they did let me do it again. By the time I was rocking my seventh baby grand, my beginner’s luck had seasoned to old pro status.

Billie B. Chesney

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