MAY 27

MAY 27

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 27

My son, an Air Force career man, was sent to Turkey when my grandson was six months old.“He won’t know me when you get back to the States,” I said brokenly at the airport. As the weeks passed, I was determined to find a way to forge a bond between my grandson and me.

I bought a children’s picture book, a blank cassette tape and a disposable camera. I recorded me reading the book, and when I finished the story, I spoke a few words to Damon, ending with,“Always remember that Grandma loves you very much.” I had friends take snapshots of me doing routine grandmotherly things, including reading the book. I sent the package to my son and his wife.

Every few months, Damon would receive a new story package from Grandma. Three years later, at the airport, Damon saw me first. Breaking away from my daughter-in-law, he ran toward me, crying out,“It’s Grandma! You’re my Grandma!”

I would never, ever tire of hearing that word.

Ruth Ayers

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