MAY 28

MAY 28

From Chicken Soup for the Soul Daily Inspirations for Women

May 28

On one of my numerous visits to the remote Fijian island of Taveuni, I met a man named Joe. Joe built bures, traditional thatched houses. The fact that he moved slowly was never to be mistaken for a sign of age, for on Taveuni, even spry youngsters moved slowly most of the time.

“Building a good bure takes a lot of resting,” Joe said. During those rest periods, Joe often asked me questions about other places.

One afternoon, Joe noticed the daytime moon and said, with some authority, “Did you know the Americans have been to the moon? The moon is a long way from here, isn’t it? It must have taken them a long time to get there.”

He was talking about it as if it happened quite recently, so I felt compelled to tell him that the first moon landing had happened almost 30 years ago and that they had been back several times since.

Joe turned to me and said sincerely and with a smile, “Well, there couldn’t have been much to see on the moon because I heard about it only last week.”

Rob Bundy

Look at what you think is important
through someone else’s eyes.
It can help you reevaluate priorities.

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