MAY 31

MAY 31

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May 31

I signed up as a journalism major in college only to be told by my professor that he wasn’t sure I’d be able to make the grade. I had failed the entrance exam on English and was put in the “bonehead” English class. That made me a loser. I promised myself I’d work three times as hard to prove him wrong. When I graduated with my journalism degree, I went to work on a small paper and then was drafted. After my army stint, I did what was necessary to support my family, but something kept driving me on to become a novelist.

I decided to specialize and began to read and analyze Western novels. Gradually I learned what a plot was, how characters interacted and how a story could be plot-driven or character-driven. I’ll never forget the day my first book sold; soon I had created a series.

By now I’ve had 286 books (both fiction and non-fiction) published. I’m not sure if I ever would have become a writer if it hadn’t been for that professor who said I probably couldn’t make the grade.

Chet Cunningham

Being told you can’t do something
motivates you to prove them wrong.

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