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June 1

By the time we discovered the dinner plate’s flaw—a small bulge on the bottom that caused it to spin freely—the packaging and receipt had long been discarded. Even though it was one of eight, and there were only four of us, it turned up on the table with annoying regularity. We began to devise sneaky ways of avoiding ending up with the dreaded Spinner Plate.

Then my husband decided one evening to at least compensate the plate’s unlucky recipient each time it came into use. “From now on,” he announced, “anyone caught with the Spinner Plate will receive extra kisses.” He then turned to our daughter and kissed her heartily all over both cheeks. He invited our son and I to do the same. Our daughter felt special, and it was the beginning of a complete about-face in our attitudes toward the Spinner Plate.

The children still tried to manipulate the plate’s position, but for a different reason. And if one of the family had a particularly trying day, the Spinner Plate was purposely set at his or her place. After a round of kisses, dinner would begin with troubles eased.

Lori Broadfoot

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