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June 2

Fatigue has a variety of causes, most of which begin at the moment of conception and continue through the childrearing years. What’s worse, even after our children have grown, they will continue to make us tired. They will find us in our houseboats off the deserted islands we purchase with our 401(k) money. It will not matter that we left no forwarding address. There they will be, and most likely, they will have reproduced.

Of some comfort is that most mothers find they are able to secure employment, maintain a semi-efficient household, meet the basic needs of their children, create a Caesar Augustus costume in 24 minutes and still carry on an adult conversation.

Fatigue, as mothers know and accept, is nothing more than the tradeoff for the pleasure of kissing your son’s jam-smeared face; for being the one he wants when he is sick; for hearing his teacher say, “He’s a great kid.” Fatigue is the small price we pay for being our child’s safe harbor—for his whisper in the dark, “Can I sleep in your bed?”

Staci Ann Richmond

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