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June 3

I was in my midthirties and a professional writer when I decided I would like to go to college. With five children to educate, my husband asked,“Where is the money coming from?”

The answer was deceptively simple: “I’ll sell the things I learn.”

Our deal was, I would enroll part-time, but if I could not put myself through college by marketing the knowledge gained from my classes, I would drop out.

I made my first major sale during Psychology 101, when we were training rats to run through mazes. I sold an article showing how these techniques could be applied to one’s own children for enough money to cover a full semester’s tuition.

Journalism courses, especially those in news photography, were lucrative, and English classes also proved fruitful.

On graduation day, I pecked out an essay called “A Graduate in the Family”; my husband snapped a photo. The article sold, and both my husband and I got paid.

College proved quite profitable. My writing income actually tripled immediately, and, in the years since then, has gone far beyond that.

Lois Duncan

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