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June 8

There are no courses in how to be a best friend, or in how to find one either. The prerequisites for friendship are nonstop talking at the same time for at least seven and a half hours, followed by going home and then calling each other on the phone to discuss all the things that were not discussed in person.

My best friend, Judith, is a columnist, like me. Her refrigerator art is identical to mine, her husband is acceptable and, most important of all, she has a generous spirit, meaning she is not petty or jealous.

I recently called Judith and asked her what her Thanksgiving column was about.

“It’s about how every time I look at jellied cranberry sauce, I think it must be the stuff that they vacuum out during liposuction.”

But my column is about her. And now I have to pencil seven and a half hours into my schedule so we can talk about it. The screaming alone should take four and a half.

Stephanie Brush

Finding a best friend, or being one,
is no easy task.

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