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June 9

Mommy, when are you gonna be a writer?” my six-year-old asked me.

“Uh, Jeffrey, what do I have to do to be a riter?”

“Write a book for me and my friends. Will you do that, Mommy?”

The next day, Jeff announced he had told everybody at school I was going to write a book and we could put it in the library. Suddenly, I realized that this project was not going to go away. So I wrote the book. I rewrote it and rewrote it again.

Finally, after four years, numerous rewrites and numerous rejections, my children’s book was actually published. Although Jeff was now in sixth grade, the book’s dedication read, “To Jeff Fields, who always believed this book would come to be.”

And five years after Jeff had first requested a book, we had an official ceremony in the school library.

Terri Fields

Starting a project is the easy part.
Following it through to completion
takes the time.

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