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June 12

Last December, Justin Nebe finished his high-school coursework. In February he attended boot camp. In May, he graduated from boot camp and attended his high-school graduation in his Marine uniform.

Being the first Marine in his family makes Justin Nebe proud. His parents say it makes them proud, too, but now they are fearful, too.

Dressed in his uniform, Justin moves differently. When he leaves this time, he and his family do not know when they will see each other again. Justin has already said good-bye to his father and his sister. An assembly line soon forms, and his mother, grandmother and a friend take the bags as they are packed and place them in the foyer.

He hugs his mother and his grandmother. Mrs. Nebe isn’t quite ready to let go. Tears are slipping down her cheeks.“Do you have your wallet? All your money?” Justin finally gets into his friend’s truck and leans out the passenger window. “Bye. Love you guys,” he says. And the truck roars away.

Karen A. Thomas

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