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June 15

Papa believed that the greatest sin of which we were capable was to go to bed at night as ignorant as we had been when we had awakened that day. So he devised a ritual. At dinner we would share what new things we had learned that day. If we had nothing to share, we didn’t dare sit at the table without first finding a fact in our much-used encyclopedia.

As children, we thought very little about how we were being enriched. “How long we live is limited,” Papa said, “but how much we learn is not. What we learn is what we are. No one should miss out on an education.”

Now, when I get home, before my head hits the pillow, I hear Papa’s voice resound clearly in my room. “Felice,” he asks, “what did you learn today?” If I can’t recall even one new thing, I get out of bed and scan the bookshelves to find something. Then with that accomplished, Papa and I can rest soundly, assured that a day has not been wasted.

Leo Buscaglia

The greatest sin is to go to bed
at night as ignorant as we were
when we woke up that day.

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