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June 16

Annette, pregnant and showing, and I, with my hurt knee, decided to take our kids and get away. We packed the van carefully. With five children under the age of seven, we knew our trip would not be lacking adventure.

Before long, our crew became restless.

“Hey,” Annette said in her teacher voice,“half the fun is getting there!”

Soon we stood on the doorsteps of my parents’ mountain home.

“Who’s got the key?” one of the kids hollered.

Oh, no! I had left the key on my kitchen counter. Quickly turning our situation into a game, Annette, the kids and I looked for a way inside. We found a window that didn’t have a safety lock, and I hoisted Janet up so she could crawl through. As her feet disappeared, one of the kids shouted,“Mom, remember that half the fun is getting there!”

Janet Lynn Mitchell

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