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June 17

One day, I realized with sudden clarity that something was missing from my life. I’d raised two children and progressed from secretary to vice president over many careers, but doing more of what I was doing and getting more of what I was getting wasn’t going to fill the void.

I found myself inexplicably drawn to a “Retire in Mexico” conference, and on my flight to Guadalajara, I sat next to an extraordinary Mexican woman. After we had talked awhile, Iona withdrew a velvet-wrapped package from her straw bag. “Do you know tarot?” she asked. Though not much of a believer in mystical phenomena, I agreed to let her read for me.

I leaned back and closed my eyes. Then, unbidden, a little voice within me whispered, “Listen.”

Shortly after our encounter, I left behind my spreadsheets and security, trusting those synchronistic signs planted in front of me, and moved to a wonderful, cobble-stoned village in Mexico. That voice inside me is my little artist who has been responsible for my publishing a book. She’s taught me to reprioritize my values, give back to the community and discover my own spirituality—and to discover what was missing in my life. Wholeness.

Karen Blue

If something is missing in your life,
follow the voice inside you.

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