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June 18

I was 16 years old when my mother began writing her murder mystery/romance novel. Tragically, she got sick and died before she could submit her manuscript. It was willed to me, and I put it in my closet where it remained for eight years.

The birth of my son pushed me to my mother’s manuscript. I felt a link to my past, present and future, and I ached for my mother.

Everyone in the field discouraged my submitting it. Reason: There could be no second novel. But I had it photocopied and decided to submit it anyway.

In the middle of a hectic day, the doorbell rang. Doubleday wanted the book. Then came the ordeal of having to tell the editor there would be no second book. “I still want the book,” she said. And so Living Image was published, and my mother, who had given both love and life to me, was able to get a touch of immortality.

Pat Gallant

Always finish unfinished business.

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