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June 20

My stepchildren hadn’t asked to live with their father and me. I could feel how much they missed their “other mother,” but some days I didn’t want them around, a feeling I was too ashamed to admit having. We needed to find the boundaries of our new relationship, and it was through my own daughter that I finally learned to be a stepmom.

Suddenly, she had a brother and a sister. Not a stepbrother or half-sister. And was there really any other way to see it?

Soon the everyday motions of life took over. We began to fill the photo albums and create memories. I took my daughters door - to-door selling Girl Scout cookies. I walked the windy streets on Halloween.

When you get right down to the nitty-gritty, to the dirty laundry and the scabbed knees, there really isn’t any difference between a stepmom and a natural mom. What’s important is that there is a mom who loves and cares.

Janie Emaus

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