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June 22

I had wanted to try my hand at selling my writing for a long time, but I wouldn’t even try. Fear and doubts had blocked me. I was in my seventh year as an athletic coach when I finally mustered enough courage to sign up for a “Writing and Selling Magazine Articles” class.

A few weeks into it, I was challenged to write a query letter to read to the class. I was shocked when the instructor said,“It’s ready. Fire it off to the magazine.”

My second shock came when I was commissioned to write an article. I had finally made it; I was now a published writer.

Adrenaline flowed as I wrote and sold 14 articles. But then my first of many rejections caught me off guard, my confidence began to wane, and I put my writing aside. I let fear keep me from writing for 10 years and became a top-notch teacher instead.

Until I decided to try writing again. I began selling right away.

I’m glad I faced my fears and began writing. Otherwise, I would have led a pretty boring life. And I’ve even gained a bit of confidence along the way.

Bud Gardner

Not facing your fears and overcoming
them can lead to a boring life.

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