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June 24

My husband and I had been together for six years, and with him I had watched as his young children became young teenagers. When the children moved to a town five hours away, we promptly set up an e-mail and chat-line service.

Late one evening, as my husband snoozed and I was catching up on my e-mail, an “instant message” from Margo, my oldest stepdaughter, appeared on the screen. As we had done in the past, we sent several messages back and forth, exchanging the latest news. That night she didn’t ask if it was me or her dad on the other end of the keyboard, and I didn’t identify myself either. After a while I commented that it was late and I should get to sleep. The return message read, “Okay, talk to you later! Love you!”

A wave of sadness ran through me, and I realized that she must have thought she was writing to her father. I simply responded,“Love you, too! Have a good sleep!”

Then, Margo’s final message appeared: “Tell Dad good night for me, too.”

Judy E. Carter

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