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July 1

The humid, unrelenting heat of summer can be especially brutal on the pocketbook, so one rule in our house was: Don’t waste the water.

It was almost midnight when I heard the kitchen faucet running for at least five minutes. I leaped out of bed, stuck my head around the corner and exploded, “Are you trying to put our last penny down the drain?”

Then I heard another noise coming from the kitchen—the unmistakable echo of my 10-year-old son’s sobs. Then what I saw made me cry.

The kitchen that I had been too tired to clean before bed was spotless. Stunned that Christopher would take such initiative, and thoroughly disgusted with myself, I gently encircled him with my arms.

“Please forgive me. I should have taken the time to see what was happening before flying off the handle.” Then, acting on impulse, I blurted out, “Go get your bathing suit on.” In two minutes we were both outside with the sprinklers running full tilt.

And when the bill came, I paid it, knowing one simple truth: to err is human, but to be forgiven by your child is truly divine.

Susan H. Hubbs

Be careful not to jump to conclusions.

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