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July 2

Adopting babies was a popular thing to do among show-business people in the 1930s. Gracie wanted to have children, and I wanted to make Gracie happy. We called a Catholic foundling home in Illinois, and months later they told us we could have a baby if we came to Evanston immediately.

Gracie picked the smallest baby with great big blue eyes. What surprised me most was how much space something so small could take up. Our kitchen became the operations center, and my former den became her nursery. As it turned out, Sandy was such a delight that we decided she should have a brother.

Gracie picked out our son Ronnie because he needed her most. He looked like a wrinkled little man and made Winston Churchill look handsome.

Ronnie had a tough first year. For a long time he couldn’t gain weight, and his skin was so sensitive that we could only bathe him in oil and wrap him in cotton. But Ronnie was a smart kid, and once he figured out how to grow, he didn’t stop until he was almost 6'2" tall and much better looking than Churchill.

Gracie had been right.

George Burns

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