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July 3

I looked at my twin teenagers and wanted to cry. He wore baggy pants, orange hair and earrings. She wore a nose ring, a fake tattoo and three-inch nails. It was Passover, and we were on our way to the relatives . . . for dinner . . . to celebrate. What they had on—to them—was respectable, and so we went.

I was ready for the looks, but none came. I was ready for the whispers. None came. My kids sat around the table, participated in the service and sang the holiday songs.

I realized that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Because I thought they were terrific. Sitting across the table, I knew that the hair, the baggy clothes and fake tattoos were just a statement of who they were for the moment. This would change with time. But their participation in the songs and ceremonies of our holidays and the closeness of our family would be with them always.

Later, I would tell them how great they were and how proud I was to be their mom.

Shari Cohen

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