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July 5

Instinctively I knew, even at five, that this little bundle everyone cooed over would profoundly impact my life. My bedroom became “our” room. My things were constantly in the “share with your sister” pile. As adults our rivalry became nothing more than an occasional annoyance, and we were the best of friends. Until the final competition . . . the one I couldn’t overlook . . . involved my man! My sister moved in with us after her second divorce, and within six months, my husband, my house, my world belonged to her.

I went on with my life, raised my children, remarried and graduated from college at the age of 45. It wasn’t until she called me to ask for help when she was getting a divorce . . . again, that I faced two painful truths:

1) My sister didn’t break up my marriage, and

2) I wanted revenge for her betrayal.

I found that once I was able to honestly access the past—and forgive myself—I was no longer a victim. I understood that anger and hatred were choices—and I chose to let them go. I was free, and happiness at having my sister back in my life became my priority.

Diane Burke

Anger and hatred are a choice, and if you
choose to let them go, you will be free.

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