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July 13

For twelve years Jenna had lived courageously, fighting her chronic disease. I understood her feelings of defeat because I, too, was tired of watching my daughter tend to her catheter site, injecting herself with the proper medications and experiencing the unpredictable side effects.

What does a mother say to her child who is living a nightmare? What words could bring comfort when all hope is lost?

Not knowing the answers, I spoke from my heart.

“Jenna, I need to know that you really understand what I am about to say. Today you’re tired and you’ve lost all hope. Today you can rest in my arms and let me hope for you. You can be assured that my hope is endless and so is my love.”

Jenna interrupted me, smiling slightly. “If you can hope for me, I guess I can, too.” She draped her arms around me. “Tell me again, Mom, that your hope is forever.”

“It’s forever, baby. My hope is forever.”

Janet Lynn Mitchell

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