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July 20

Recently a friend told me with great sadness about the falling-out she’d had with her sister shortly before her sister’s death. One of my favorite cousins told me that her relationship with her beloved sister had become so fragile that she feared they would never repair the damage. This scenario isn’t confined just to family. Friendships and other meaningful relationships are destroyed every day over mundane as well as profound issues.

If someone were to ask me what I would do if I “had it to do all over again,” my answer would be this: I would love my friends and relations so well that no matter what, they would love me back in the same way. No reservations, no quid pro quos. No angst, no sibling rivalry, no holds barred. I say this because I lost my sister before I could reclaim her, and it was too late.

To everyone I would give the same advice. “No matter what your issues are, find your way back to what binds you. No matter what it takes, have it out until you get back in touch with the love, the loyalty, the special relationship you once had.”

Elayne Clift

The most important thing in life is to love
your friends and relations so well
that they will love you back, no matter what.

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