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July 21

Mr. Degner,” he began,“you probably don’t remember meeting me and my family. We were going to Miami, and the flight was overbooked. You asked for volunteers to give up their seats for free tickets and a later flight. We gave you our tickets, but later you came back and said you wouldn’t need our tickets after all, and you had upgraded us to first class.”

The story still didn’t ring a bell. He continued: “The flight to Miami was wonderful, but there is something else. Just after we got home from our vacation, Nathan was out riding his bike . . . The driver never saw him. That trip was the last week the four of us were together. We’ll always remember that flight. We were so happy, and Nathan had so much fun. I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the gift you gave us.”

Months later Nathan’s father visited me at the airport and gave me a picture of his son. I keep it as a constant reminder that the smallest gesture can touch others in an unexpected and extraordinary way.

Jeff Degner

There are no small gestures.

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