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July 22

Daydreams were a way of life for me. They provided an escape from the mundane life I led. I spent many waking hours enjoying the illusion of wealth, fame and leisure—and had even begun to plot and scheme to manipulate myself out of the relationships that held me back from a life of sophistication, adventure and pleasure.

One sunny afternoon, I was driving down a country highway when a big semitruck unexpectedly veered to the right. A red Yugo flew upward over the truck, passed by the side of my station wagon and nosedived into the highway with a dull clunk, rear wheels spinning in the sky.

I rushed to the car and felt for a pulse. At that moment the man lifted his head, took a deep breath, looked me straight in the eye and managed to murmur, “Tell them I love . . . ,” and then he died.

I held his hand until the ambulance arrived. As I drove away, a sense of inner joy and sincere appreciation for life entered my heart. An unknown man’s final thoughts were not of riches or fame, but of the people he loved, and his words became a candle in the dark just for me.

Lynne Zielinski

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