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July 25

As we walked around the grounds, I noticed the old orphanage had really lost its luster. My wife and I were coming to meet her friend who hoped I’d be a surrogate parent to one of the boys there.

The 14-year-old extended his hand in greeting. His limp handshake felt like a rubber glove full of pudding. “Thank you for coming to visit my home.”

I excused myself and walked into the bathroom. For about a minute, I looked at every wrinkle and sag on my face, yet it was still the face of that same little boy I was when I lived in my orphanage, almost 45 years ago.

I placed my right hand into my left and shook it. It was a bit firmer than that of young Bill’s, but it still lacked the feeling of someone who felt they were worth loving.

Biting my lip, I stared deep into my own eyes and said to myself,“Let’s go save that boy.”

Let there be no doubt that when we save a child, in the process we may also save ourselves.

Roger Dean Kiser, Sr.

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