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July 27

Over the years, we have traveled and lived in many different places, and many people have touched our lives in ways I will never forget.

While my husband was on temporary duty in Africa, I took my two girls home to give them some time with their grandparents. After an hour on the road, I pulled off the interstate and stopped at a gas station. A while later, I stopped again, reached for my wallet . . . and it was gone. I knew there was little to no possibility of my wallet being found, much less returned, as I had no current address or phone numbers in it.

But the next day a girl called from Blockbuster Video.

“Someone has found your wallet and is waiting here at our store.”

It seems a couple and the woman’s mother were on a day trip, and the mother, who was a smoker, set herself on fire. “I pulled over to brush off the ashes, and as I was walking behind the car I saw your wallet,” she said.

This family went out of their way to find the Blockbuster Video with the hope of the store being able to find me.

Lisa Cobb

People will go out of their way
and make every effort to help others.

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