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July 29

Mary Jane, my best friend and speaking partner for over 25 years, had been fighting colon cancer for seven years. As I walked past the front desk at the hospice center, I noticed a lemon meringue pie on the counter and brought it to Mary Jane.

I gave her just enough for her to taste the essence of lemon before her ravaged body rejected it.“Gee, thanks. That was great.”

“How could you say that was great?”

“I’ve been thinking,” she said.“It’s all the moments leading up to and directly after an event—the minutes and hours that define how we respond to it. We’ve got to focus on the space between events.”

She continued, “It’s the excitement that comes from watching your team before they actually score. The memory of home sparked by the smell of lemons as you lift a forkful of pie to your lips.” She squeezed my hand. “The space between events is where most of life is lived . . . and it is in this space, my friend, that you and all caregivers must also focus.”

Pamela J. Gordon

Focus on the space between events because
that is where most of life is lived.

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