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August 2

I was an only child, hungry for siblings. My first sister was my imaginary playmate, Punky. We were inseparable until the first time the yellow school bus stopped for me. Punky was left behind.

At school I fell off the monkey bars, and Susie brushed me off and led me to the nurse’s office for repairs. In high school, my circle of sisterhood widened. Lipstick and secret information about the heartthrob of the day were freely shared. We celebrated love and cried together when love ended.

My collegiate sisters came from different places and offered me glimpses of other lives. Until graduation, when we moved back to our own worlds.

I have been blessed with adult sisters who have mentored and shared my travails as wife, mother and teacher. We listened to tales about recalcitrant bosses and professional successes. When aging parents orphaned us, tears and hugs gave comfort like no words could.

At every turn I have found my sisters. They have flowed through my life, renewing and enriching me with their presence. And I can’t wait to meet the next one.

Lee Schafer Atonna

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