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August 4

My mother and I shared a house with my grandmother and my aunt and uncle. That Depression Christmas, jobs were scarce and money tight. I understood why my pile of presents under the tree was so small, but I still felt a guilty twinge of disappointment. I knew there would be a new book for me, but none of the hoped-for indulgences of Christmas. But there was one fairly big box from my grandmother, and I opened it last.

Socks! Nothing but socks. My grandmother was smiling a sparkling, happy, “This is important woman-to-woman stuff, so pay attention!” smile.

I looked down at the box, but now I could see there was another pair under the pair I had picked up. Two layers of socks. Three layers of socks!

“Merry Christmas, Joan,” my grandmother said. “Every day now you’ll have an abundance of choices to make. You’re rich, my dear.”

That was a Christmas I’ll never forget. My grandmother’s gift showed me how wonderful and important little things can be and how enormously wealthy love makes us all.

Joan Cinelli

Little things can be wonderful and important,
and love makes everyone wealthy.

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