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August 6

Martha Lindsay had waited 13 months for hope that her husband, William, had survived the sinking of the H.M.S. Exeter in 1942. Then she received word from the Red Cross that a William Lindsay was a prisoner of war.

She was instructed to write one message a month, no more than 25 words on a plain white postcard, and forward them to Geneva. Two and a half years passed before the mailman delivered a small scrap of paper. She turned it over and recognized William’s handwriting:“Martha, I’ve been released. I’m coming home.”

In October 1945, William Lindsay returned to his family. Martha learned, sadly, that not one of her letters had found its way to the camp.

Shortly after William’s arrival home, a young sailor appeared at the door. “My name is William Lindsay. I was a prisoner of war.” Very slowly he reached into his pocket and handed her 30 tiny white postcards tied in a ribbon.

“I received one every month. They were the glimmer of hope that helped me survive. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Shelley McEwan

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