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August 9

My son Ryan had set his heart on exploring Europe after high school. We had visited many countries together, and he was familiar with what to expect, but this time he wanted to do it alone. I had given him a long-distance calling card, but I still worried nonstop.

The days and weeks slipped by, and my son’s calls came with increasing frequency. Soon, he was calling every second day, and there was a curious tone in his voice that made me wonder.

Needless to say, I was happy and not entirely surprised when out of the blue he told me that he had decided to come home.

At the airport, Ryan was the first to speak. “Mom,” he said, “I have learned so much about myself and what’s important. I know that no matter where you go in the world and what you see, you need someone to share it with in order to make it special.”

And I felt pride in the fact that I had said good-bye to a child, but a mature young man had come home, and he was my son.

Penny Fedorcaenko

Sharing an experience with someone
can make it special.

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