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August 11

I was sent to stay with my grandmother when I was 16 years old. I was a very troubled young woman, ready to drop out of school. I thought my grandmother would be easier to ignore than my parents.

I expected nothing from my grandmother but to be left alone. She, however, did not give up so easily. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised when she insisted I learn to make bread. I was a failure at kneading, but she wouldn’t let me leave the kitchen until the bread was set out to rise. It was then that I first began to talk to her.

One day I announced,“I was named editor of the high-school newspaper!”

She looked into my eyes and said,“I like you so much, and I am very proud of you!”

Those words did more for me than a thousand “I love you’s.” I knew her love was unconditional, but her friendship and pride were things to earn. To receive them both from this incredible woman made me begin to wonder whether there was something likable and worthy within myself. On that day, I decided to live as she did—with energy and intensity.

Lynnette Curtis

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