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August 12

When it comes to other people’s fortunes, I think I have been downright magnanimous. But there’s only so much we hard-working non-millionaires can take.

Recently, I came into an unexpected inheritance. Not enough to buy a Tuscan villa, but enough to make me think that perhaps I should hop aboard America’s Investment Express.

I consulted a highly regarded financial planner who recommended certain mutual funds that he’d be willing to put his own money into if his portfolio weren’t so darn diversified.

However, while NASDAQ was setting new records, my little nest egg was, apparently, helping to support ventures like fisheries in the Ganges and accordion start-ups in Warsaw.

After the third consecutive quarter of double-digit losses, I begin to see things more clearly. With a cool million or two available at the ATM, would that morning cup of French roast taste any richer? Would the sight of a good friend’s face be more welcome? Would the colors of a sunset be more beautiful with a bigger bank balance? No, I decide. Definitely not. Riches have little to do with real contentment.

And yes, Regis, that is my final answer.

Sue Diaz

Riches have little to do with real contentment.

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