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August 14

My principal’s office was right next door to the health clinic, so I often dropped in to lend a hand and help out with the hugs.

One day, I ran across an unfamiliar lump under my arm. I pondered whether or not to tell the students about my cancer. Even though I decided to tell them myself, it wasn’t easy to get out the words. As the children solemnly filed out of the gym, one little girl said earnestly, “Don’t be afraid, Dr. Perry. I know you’ll be back because now it’s our turn to take care of you.”

They sent me off to my first chemotherapy session with a hilarious book of nausea remedies that they had written. A video of every class singing get-well songs accompanied me to the next appointment. By the third, the nurses were waiting to see what I would bring next.

When I went into isolation for a bone-marrow transplant, the letters and pictures kept coming. What healing comfort I found in being surrounded by these tokens of their caring.

As my little buddy said when I was well enough to return to work: “See, I told you we’d take care of you!”

Suzanne M. Perry

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