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August 17

After depositing my son’s pajamas in his drawer one too many days in a row, I turned to him and said,“You need to put your own pajamas away. I’m not your slave!”

“What’s a slave?” he asked.

“A slave,” I explained,“is someone who has to work but doesn’t get paid for it.”

The rest of the morning I worked hard: the only thing I took pleasure in that morning was my shower. And that was interrupted halfway through by both kids pounding on the bathroom door.

After putting my daughter down for her afternoon nap and quietly slipping out of her room, I turned around. There in the hall was my son, holding a handful of coins. “Here,” he said, giving them to me. “Now you’re not a slave.”

I thought about it for a minute and decided he was right. For a total of 13 cents, he bought my freedom.

Christie A. Hansen

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