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August 21

Caregiver” is a word that was foreign to me when I was young. Growing up and being independent was my goal. Then, in college, I met you. We made our vows in a lovely garden wedding, and when our first child was born, we loved being parents.

When we were young, naive newlyweds, hearing the words “demyelinating disease” for the first time, and understanding I probably had multiple sclerosis, left me stunned. My first reaction was to move back home with my mom, send you back home to yours and forget we were ever married. Solidly grounded in your commitment to our marriage, you said we would forge ahead and make it.

My daily needs are now your daily activities, and you do these things without complaint, without hesitation and with consistent dedication. Now that I’ve had MS for 21 years, my admiration for you has grown more than words can express.

Holly Baker

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