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August 22

When Marissa was six months old, it seemed she was always looking up. I learned the magic of leaves dancing on trees and the awesome size of the tail of a jet. At eight months she was forever looking down.

Then she turned 11 months and began saying “Wow!” She spoke this marvelous word for anything new and wonderful to her. She whispered “Oh, wow!” for things that really impressed her. Then there was the ultimate in “Wow,” a mouthing of the word with no sound.

She has taught me many ways to say “I love you.” One day she pointed to a beautiful model on the cover of a magazine and said,“Is that you, Mom?” Most recently my now three-year-old walked into the kitchen while I was cleaning up and offered to help. Shortly after this she put her hand on my arm and said, “Mom, if you were a kid, we’d be friends.”

At moments like this, all I can say is,“Oh, wow!”

Janet S. Meyer

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