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August 27

Years ago when I first heard the term “empty nest,” it sounded like a pleasant position to be in. However, when I reached that sought-after goal, it was rather a disappointment. Just when the children became pleasant company, they moved out.

When I finally crept out of my depression, I noticed my dear husband, Jack, looking almost the same as when I had fallen wildly in love with him. Except for showing a little wear and tear, the years had been good to him. I fondly looked at the gray hairs at his temple, knowing exactly where they had come from.

I realized my nest was not empty after all. It held the one special person I had chosen to share my life with. As I looked at him I wondered if maybe we could rekindle the sparks we had originally ignited. And then, as if to answer my unspoken question, he looked up at me and winked.

June Cerza Kolf

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