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August 28

I worried about my elderly neighbor’s loneliness and her diet. Heart failure had robbed Gwen of her husband, and now macular degeneration was stealing her eyesight, and osteoporosis was plundering her body.

My life was on a fast track, so I turned to Koy,our three-year-old, for help.

With me watching from our front door and Gwen waiting at hers, Koy cautiously crossed the street, carrying the plate of fragrant food. And so began their long relationship.

Their regular visits continued through the years, sometimes at her invitation and other times at his instigation. As his age, sensitivity and caregiving expertise grew, Koy ran her errands, did light chores and drove her to doctor’s appointments.

Finally, as we stood arm-in-arm waving Koy off to college, Gwen turned to me.“You know, when he was little he rarely came empty-handed. But when you didn’t send something, he must have raided the pantry.” She winked. “Over he would come, his pockets filled with raisins, pretzels, popcorn or even Cheerios.”

“What did you do?” I laughed in motherly embarrassment.

“Well, the two of us sat down and ate them, pocket lint and all.”

Carol McAdoo Rehme

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