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September 2

One morning, as Angelito was getting ready for a run, his wife Evangeline noticed a lump on his upper thigh. After a two-year battle, Angelito lost his life. Evangeline was left alone with their three children. She managed to care for their needs, but each night she would go to bed alone and cry herself to sleep.

Her dear friend recognized this particular agony. One day, precisely at 5:00 P.M., which was the time when Angelito used to walk through the door, she insisted that Evangeline join her for a walk. After that, her friend came every day. During these walks, Evangeline would cry and cry. Her friend just quietly walked beside her, hour after hour, day after day.

They walked in rainstorms. They walked in the summer heat. Winter, spring, summer and fall, these two friends walked the road of grief together. This friend walked beside Evangeline for three years! Not a day was Evangeline left alone during “the big hour”; not until her friend sensed that she was strong enough to walk alone.

Evangeline Dionisio as told to Shelly Mecum

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