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September 3

On September 3, 1959, I gave birth to a little boy, and though I saw him once, lying in the nursery, I was not allowed to hold him. Shortly after the birth I signed the adoption papers, and, as my doctor had suggested, I continued on with my life.

The years passed and turned into decades, and the memory of my only child lingered just beneath my conscious mind.

In 1993, I received the phone call I had fantasized about for years. “Elizabeth,” Susie said, “I adopted your beautiful baby boy thirty-three years ago, and I am just calling to tell you what a wonderful son you have. Bill is married to a terrific girl, and you have two absolutely beautiful little granddaughters.”

On the flight to Los Angeles, I wrote 33 birthday cards to my son with a short description of what I had done for each year of his life. Bill needs to learn about me, too.

When he saw me, Bill stepped from behind his wife and walked toward me with arms open wide. Into this circle of love I stepped, feeling just like every other mother in the world holding her baby for the first time.

Elizabeth Thring

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