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September 4

Everything seemed to be against Kelly. But she had one person on her side: her first-grade teacher, Mrs. Dina. Nothing could take away the joy she felt from being with her teacher, and bit by bit, the hardness inside Kelly began to soften. Until one day her mother came to take her out of the school forever.

The following years were not kind to the young girl. By middle school, her mother had abandoned her, and she was placed in foster care. Somewhere she found the fortitude to continue on with her education to become an art teacher.

Assigned to a familiar place for student teaching, she heard a familiar kind voice, and there was Mrs. Dina.

Acting on instinct, she walked up to the woman and asked if she remembered her.

“Why, Kelly! How wonderful to see you again!”

“I am so glad I finally have the chance to thank you.”

“Thank me? Whatever for? I only had you for a few months.”

“But those were the few months that rescued the rest of my life.”

Robin Lee Shope

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