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September 6

What was supposed to be an eight-day hospital stay and single surgery had turned into four surgeries, three months in the hospital, and then a nursing home because of aggressive infections and related complications. My husband, Terry, had performed the 6:00 A.M. and midnight wet-to-dry dressings on my abdomen and chest for several months.

One night we had an argument. By bedtime, we had to make up, and he still had the complicated dressing changes to complete.

Terry helped me roll onto my side. I sensed tension in the air. I looked up at him and said, “This isn’t fair. I feel too vulnerable here with nothing on while you take care of my wounds when you’re still mad at me.”

He walked away, returned a few minutes later and stood in front of me. He was stark naked.

“Terry, what are you doing?” I shrieked with laughter.

“Just leveling the playing field,” he smirked—then tenderly changed my dressing.

Linda S. Lee

Love and caring can take strange forms.

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