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September 7

Joyfully, our adoption process was nearing the finale! When my newborn son was placed into my arms, the one nagging fear that had been tugging at my heart was overshadowed by the sheer joy of holding him. But the day the paperwork became final, I wondered where and when and how he would ask me the inevitable question: Are you my real mother?

I read and reread all the books and pamphlets explaining the “right” answers to be given at all the “appropriate” age levels. One night, as I was preparing dinner, my three-year-old came and stood beside me.

“Mommy,” he blinked, trying to hold back the tears, “Sarah says you aren’t my real mommy. She was wrong, right, Mommy?”

“Touch my hand,” I slowly said.“Do I feel real to you?” I asked.

“You do!” he said as a smile broke across his face.

“Then I am your real mother, and my love for you is real.”

It had happened. The question had been asked, and I had answered. I knew, in another time and place, there would be other, harder questions. But for now . . . I had done well.

Mary Chavoustie

The truth is the best answer.

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