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September 9

I had come to India from our home in Maryland and established a second residence in Hyderabad, near the orphanage where I had adopted my sons. My husband had returned to his job in Maryland while the boys and I waited for notification that our daughter Ghita’s papers were processed.

Finally the news arrived that I could proceed to Nagpur and immediately take custody of my daughter. I arranged to travel by air, and then a Hindu temple in the north was bombed by Muslims. All flights were canceled for fear of terrorism.

I decided to travel by train until our hired driver and close friends advised me to abandon my plans. Driving was not safe either.

Gradually, over the months, the tension between the Hindus and Muslims dissolved, and flights to Nagpur resumed. I could hardly contain myself as the moment we had waited for arrived. Out of the crowd, one shining little face stepped forward and said, “Mommy!” It was her first English word, spoken with eyes as big as the universe and enough love to last a lifetime.

Amsheva Miller

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