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September 10

I watched as she led him by the hand to the bathroom at the airport terminal. He seemed a little bewildered but secure as long as his hand was in hers. She combed his hair and zipped his jacket. He fidgeted and asked, “Where are we going, Mommy? When will we get to ride our plane?”

We sat together on the plane. He became frightened when the jet engines started. He asked many questions about the time, what day it was, how much longer until they got there . . . and she lovingly held his hand and gave him her full attention. I learned she had four children and was on her way to visit one of them.

The hour passed quickly, and soon we had landed. They got off before I did, the mother never realizing how deeply she had touched me. As I watched her lead her husband of 44 years to the baggage claim area, I said a little prayer for myself . . . that I would have enough love and strength to meet whatever challenges came my way, as this extraordinary mother clearly had.

Bobbie Wilkinson

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